Advercom Invades VisMin Signage Industry

November 7, 2018
Signages in Bacolod City

Signages in Bacolod City

Signages in Bacolod City

Philippines is now dubbed to have entered its glorious golden age of economic development according to Asian Development Bank. Recently, the country is one of the best performing countries in Asia according to Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III.

Duterte Administration with its ‘Build Build Build program’ has been focusing on building infrastructures all around the country to ensure that no island is left behind the country’s race to economic growth. Among the many projects that the Government has laid out are bridges linking Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

These bridges will connect islands like Samar provinces to the main island of Luzon and Leyte to Mindanao which will allow easier transport of goods and faster transportation. This strategic plan will stimulate economic activity not just in main cities of the country but also in every island in the Philippines.

With investments flooding in, the country begins to rise in progress as many businesses are expected to mushroom in many places around the country. In conjunction to this, businesses are also looking for means to catch up in the competition as more rival businesses spring up.

Signages in Bacolod City

Two of the most important skills for businesses are Advertising and marketing. This two techniques can help boost your sales, build up the company’s image and popularize your brand. Advertisement ranges from radio ads, to billboards and signages and even posters which help accomplish bigger work without much effort. You can place your billboard beside a road where most of the vehicles pass by or have an eye-catching signage just outside of your building. This will help encourage your prospect customers to venture in.

For this purpose, Advercom, a Negros Occidental-based signage solutions company decided to expand its reach to Mindanao areas to cater the needs of businesses for excellent and cost-effective signage services. Advercom believes that quality should never be compromised along with the cost.

Among the services and products offered by Advercom are Billboards and OOH (Outdoor billboards, Indoor Advertising, Airport advertising, Transit Advertising), Signages and services, Events and Launchings (concerts, activation, road show, marketing), Fabrication of modules, kiosks, interiors, booths, ACP building wraps and supermarket  POP, and all kinds of printing services.