Out of Home Advertising Solutions (OOHsolutions)

Advercom is a leading media supply company in Bacolod City and the VisMin area that creates deep engagement between people and brands through an unmissable world of physical Out of Home advertising solutions. Our connected ecosystem makes brands unmissable across all the key cities that we reach. We combine this unparalleled reach with the industry’s best data, insights and media planning tools, as well as leading technological innovation, to give advertisers an added layer of campaign intelligence. Advercom delivers the reach, optimisation, engagement and impact to connect and influence audiences anytime and anywhere.

Custom Signages (SIGNAGEsolutions)

For us, creating custom signages is not just a matter of providing the sign. The final goal is to physically represent YOUR BRAND. YOUR VALUES. And bring it to life. Therefore dynamically connecting it to your audience at each opportunity and point of sale.With the largest sign production capacity in the Vismin area, if not the country, Advercom has established itself as the preferred partner to design, develop and produce your customised and standard signage systems, for the care it takes and speed of which it is capable. Advercom has the production crew needed to handle any installation.

We install everything from storefront signs, to the signage systems of major regional malls, groceries and hospitals, to name a few industries. We can accomodate rush bank branding changeovers with hundreds of branches, huge signs for towering new buildings anywhere in the country. We passionately serve our clients in the Metro Bacolod City Area (Bacolod, Talisay & Silay Cities), to Ilo-ilo City and Panay, Cebu, Bantayan, Bohol and Panglao, to far-flung Puerto Princesa, Coron and El Nido. We can also cater to far east clients such as Tacloban, Ormoc, and more.

Large Format Graphics Printing (PRINTINGsolutions)

Putting up BILLBOARDS, printing TARPAULINS & installing SIGNAGES has been our bread & butter since 2017, and we’ve been pushing our advertising and branding boundaries ever since. Over the years we’ve helped multi-national & local clients and customers install thousands of projects & help capture their audience’s attention & guide them down the conversion funnel through our capabilities. Yes — We’re young blood. But we walk our talk.

Additionally, understanding the trends of the signage & printing market, the firm has chosen to operate well beyond the boundaries of its core business. Today, clients need to include their visual identity in the very architecture & interior fit-outs of their buildings & retail locations.
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Custom Display Fabrication (FABRICATIONsolutions)

Understanding the trends on the outdoor signage market, Visotec has chosen to operate well beyond the boundaries of its core business of luminous signs. Today, clients want to include their visual identity in the very architecture of their commercial buildings. At the same time, as brands and logos pile up into near-chaotic profusion, each aiming to outdo the last since the post-war period, it is important to given way to a more understated and equally effective conception.

Over time, Visotec has had to cope with a twofold change in the market: first, providing a new skill to increasingly demanding clients, and secondly, compensating for the loss of turnover caused by the reduction of retailers on commercial façades. A growing phenomenon, and in some countries accompanied or even instituted by local or national authorities as a means of preventing “visual pollution”, sometimes by applying prohibitive taxes to brands.